Whitworth Swimming Club

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New Members

Whitworth Swimming Club is very welcoming to new members. However before we can invite your child in for assessment we need to complete a couple of actons:


1. We need you to email some details to the club outlined below.

2. We need to check who is on our current waiting lists

3. We need to check where we may have space on the days and times indicated

4. We need to contact you personally to invite you and your child in for an assessment. We cannot undertake assessments without them been booked in through club with a qualified teacher.

5. This process may take a few weeks depending on 1-4 above so please be patient. Whitworth Swimming Club is run entirely by volunteers who have day jobs, family commitments and work hard to ensure a speedy response.


Please email the following details to [email protected]


About the parent / guardian

Your name and contact number: landline / mobile / work number?

Your address details please?

The best time to contact you?


About the child

Name of the child?

Age of the child and their date of birth?

What is their level of ability - badges, distance, school swimming, club swimming, lessons?

Have they swam for another club - please state?

Have they done life-saving, waterpolo or other types of swimming?

Do they have any difficulties that the club needs to be aware of please?


What is your preferred night? Tuesday or Wednesday

Width sessions: 6.55pm and 7.25pm

Lanes sessions 8.00pm and 8.30pm


Kind regards

We will be in touch shortly.


Mike Burgess


Whitworth Swimming Club